Pallas says ‘trust us’ despite no budget to build $16.5b North East Link

The Opposition has promised if elected to move quickly to revive the East West Link – a toll road joining CityLink with the Eastern Freeway – after ...

An election Federal Budget, focused on the elderly Australians

$7.8bn for Victoria (including $5 bn towards the Melbourne airport rail project, $1.75 bn towards the North East Link and $475m for Monash Rail).

Australian budget allocates $24.5bn for transport

The Government is also providing AU$971m for the Pacific Highway Coffs Harbour Bypass, and AU$400m to duplicate the Port Botany Rail Line. In Victoria, there is a commitment of up to AU$5bn for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and funding of AU$1.75bn for the North East Link. Other budget ...
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