East-west link: Brooklyn, Sunshine West land could be taken

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Brimbank Weekly: East-west link: Brooklyn, Sunshine West land could be taken. 29 April 2014. Ben Cameron

The second stage of the project is expected to cost more than the first stage.

Industrial land in Brooklyn and Sunshine West could be acquired by the state government as it releases details on the western section of the east -west link.

Fairfax Media revealed that stage two of the project would cut through industrial land, however it’s not known how many properties would be acquired.

The Federal Government will contribute $1.5 billion towards the western section of the east-west link.

The western section is expected to create 3000 jobs during the construction phase.

The state government’s contribution will be outlined in the budget.

A government spokesperson said Caroline Springs residents were expected to cut up to 15 minutes off their travel time into the city.

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