Protester left topless after East-West Link violence

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3AW: Protester left topless after East-West Link violence. Posted by: Simon Love | 27 February, 2014 – 7:56 AM

An East-West Link protestor has been injured and another claims her clothing was ripped off by police in another morning of tensions.

Police have surrounded the test site at the corner of Alexandra Parade and Queens Parade where protest organiser Mel Gregson says this morning’s demonstrations turned violent.

“One woman had her shoe ripped off and now has a cut to her foot,” she said.

“And I myself had my top and my bra ripped off by police.

“It was quite obvious that other police officers thought that that was something that was good and congratulated that officer that did that to me.”

Police says they offered medical assistance to the injured protestor, who refused.

They say they’re yet to hear Ms Gregson’s allegations from her.

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