Rail links to revolutionise ‘inland port’ operators

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Phillip Hopkins

Austrak’s national development manager, Clarenzo Perna, said not having rail defied common sense. ”Logistics is based on being logical. As Melbourne’s roads become more congested, rail is the logical solution. It’s illogical that it is not happening.”

It’s all about using rail at the ports to minimise the impact of trucks in and around the port, and having the trucks at the intermodal hubs from where they will transport the goods to company warehouses.

“The Maersk facility, for example, was previously at Francis Street in Yarraville, where residents have bitterly complained about local truck traffic. The containers will now be moved by rail, saving up to 45,000 truck movements annually.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/rail-links-to-revolutionise-inland-port-operators-20140805-100lyy.html#ixzz3FvfdIKZ4



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