The Age Letters: Road to oblivion

The Age Letters: Road to oblivion (September 11, 2008)

It is not surprising to read (The Age, 10/9) that the RACV has another expensive wish list of road building projects, but it is dismaying that the state’s peak motoring body still takes no responsibility for the contribution of transport emissions to global warming.

As the disastrous impacts of climate change become more and more apparent, the RACV buries its head in the sand and asks the Government to just keep rolling out the same old projects that have built a congested and car-dependent city now ill-equipped to deal with the great changes we must make if we are to avert dangerous climate change.

If Melbourne is going to spend billions of dollars on transport infrastructure, this expenditure must go into projects aimed at substantial reduction of our emissions. This means radical reform and expansion of public transport services, not more roads.

John Cox, Fitzroy

The Age: Letters – Beware the backlash

The Age: Letters – Beware the backlash, 15th August, 2008

Inner-city residents recognise the need for government to invest in public transport for neglected growth suburbs. Currently, two-thirds of Melbourne has no practical alternative to cars. Without investment in sustainable alternatives, more people will be left behind or burdened with larger transport costs.

Inner-city residents also recognise that apart from being unfair, Government failure to extend public transport to growth areas has caused congestion, poor air quality, poor street amenity, and extra road costs in inner areas.

The solution for all climate change-sensitive governments is to rapidly expand investment in infrastructure for public transport, cycling and walking. With fuel price increases and peak oil, inner and outer residents will inevitably rely on these modes.

Shaun Carney (Comment & Debate, 13/8) highlights the fact that “governments are made and broken in the outer suburbs”. The Government can expect to face a major electoral backlash in inner and outer suburbs for failing to meet these alternative transport needs.

Jackie M. Fristacky (councillor, City of Yarra), North Carlton