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Welcome to a collaborative wiki for responding to the East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS)

This wiki is for collating people's concerns about the impacts of the East West Link on inner northern suburbs, and Melbourne generally. The wiki is hosted by [YCAT], a community group opposed to the project. The pages are were open for anyone to edit until the spambots rocked up en masse and spoiled it for everyone. Anyway, if you would like to add something, please email

Update - December 2013

East West Link (Eastern Section) public submissions are now being listed on Planning Panels Victoria website

Update 15 January 2014

The East West Link CIS Preliminary Hearing was held on 14 January 2014.

Assessment The purpose of the Preliminary Hearing will be as set out in the Act at Section 57 and Section 2(5) of the Committee's Terms of Reference including to:

  • Clarify issues raised in submissions
  • Raise procedural or preliminary matters
  • Enable the Assessment Committee to give directions about the conduct of the main Hearing and request information and clarification from the project Proponent.

Update 20 January 2014

East West Link Assessment Committee Directions and Timetable

Please find attached a copy of the Directions and Timetable (Version 1) for the East West Link (Eastern Section) Project Advisory Committee.

Please note that Part 2 of the timetable (Professional, Business and Community Organisations and Individual submitters) will be finalised and provided by 7 February 2014. This subsequent version of the timetable will also detail the timing of Expert Witnesses for various parties.

What is a Comprehensive Impact Statement?

So ok, but what actually is a Comprehensive Impact Statement? Is something actually imitating the plot line from Terry Gilliam's Brazil?

  • A Planning Panel is reviewing the impacts of the Linking Melbourne proposal.
  • Anyone can present a submission to the Panel about the impacts of this project.
  • YCAT urges you to make your own submission.
  • Please be aware that this portal is not a submission. You may freely use information you find here for making your submission.
  • Before making your submission, please read Making a submission
  • If you are not sure how to add any information to this wiki, please email: with details where you want it entered.
  • Visit the Community portal to see how others are responding to the questions before the panel. If you wish, make your own contribution to these pages.
  • Don't forget to make a formal submission to the panel by 12 December 2013.

Oh, and please don't use this wiki to spruik to government's proposal. The government has allocated $3.2M of our taxes to advertise the tunnel. Linking Melbourne provide ample forums if you wish to add to their case.

Making a EWL CIS Submission

Extract: Making a submission - This group is completely separate to Linking Melbourne Authority and all matters relating to the Assessment Committee and submissions must be directed to Planning Panels Victoria. The public is invited to comment in writing until 5.00pm 12 December 2013.

CIS for reference

Additional Information that could be used for CIS Submissions

Go to the [Community_portal] to make edits and contributions

Extract from Terms of Reference - 3.1: Draft evaluation objectives 'These Scoping Directions provide a set of draft “evaluation objectives” derived from key applicable law criteria in order to structure and focus the assessment of impacts that may result from the project.' In other words, the Minister wants the Panel to confine it self to these matters. However, the Panel may also wish to assess whether the project complies with all legislation.

Draft evaluation objectives

Extract from East West Link - Eastern Section Scoping Directions for Comprehensive Impact Statement On 27 May 2013, the Minister for Planning published Scoping Directions for the CIS, which set out the range of matters that are to be addressed in the CIS.

(3.1 Draft evaluation objectives)

"These Scoping Directions provide a set of draft “evaluation objectives” derived from key applicable law criteria in order to structure and focus the assessment of impacts that may result from the project"

Transport connectivity

Whether the impacts of the project on the traffic performance of roads connecting to the project, and the surrounding road network, as well as on connectivity for public transport, cycling and pedestrians, have been appropriately addressed.

Land use, dwellings and infrastructure

Whether the impacts of the project on land use and infrastructure in its immediate environs, including on housing, recreation and community facilities, have been appropriately addressed.

Visual amenity

Whether the proposed Urban Design Framework in the CIS will appropriately manage visual impacts of the project on the surrounding area, including public open spaces.

Noise, vibration, air emissions and light spill

Whether the noise, vibration, air emission and light spill impacts of the project will be appropriately managed by proposed measures.

Cultural heritage

Whether the impacts of the project on cultural heritage places have been appropriately addressed.

Surface water and groundwater

Whether the impacts of the project on surface and ground waters have been appropriately addressed..

Native vegetation and biodiversity

Whether the impacts of the project on native vegetation and biodiversity have been appropriately addressed.

Solid Wastes

Whether the risk from disturbance and disposal of solid wastes has been appropriately addressed.

Environmental management framework

Whether the Environmental Management Framework in the CIS will provide an effective integrated approach to manage the environmental performance of the project.

Example of a CIS Submission for you

This is a (relatively) easy to follow format and checklist for you to follow when making a submission.

Wiki Q&A - Getting started

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