Homeless miss out as EVO flats acquired because of East West Link go on sale

Get that EVO feeling!

Get that EVO feeling!

Want to buy a luxury apartment with a chequered past and an uncertain future?

Pssstttt … those EVO Apartments in Parkville, across the road from Ross Straw Field, are up for sale. So much for this continuing shell game that the state government is playing via media releases, over dealing with Victoria’s homeless issues.

The Age: Homeless miss out as EVO flats acquired because of East West Link go on sale. Benjamin Preiss

Parkville’s EVO apartments, sold off the plan as offering a luxury lifestyle with views, were all acquired by the state government after it was revealed that the tower would be surrounded by roads as part of the East West Link.

When Daniel Andrews scrapped that controversial road plan, the government suggested the tower could be used to accommodate the homeless.

But that is not to be. The EVO apartments will soon be sold on the private market. Continue Reading…

Transurban – A Case for a Senate Inquiry

Secret Deals, Influenced Government, Over $1 Billion in Penalties, Neighbourhoods Destroyed, Environmental Impact, Tens of Thousands Affected and a Plan to Toll All Roads

Michael Fraser and Maddison Johnstone investigate our *favourite* rent seekers, Transurban, by calling for a Senate inquiry into Australias toll road giant. With tollways generating public debate, from East West Link, WestConnex and the unsolicited Western Distributor, we’ll be watching this development with great interest.

The Scandal: Transurban РA Case for a Senate Inquiry

Suicide is a word that appears all too often when speaking with toll road users.

Australian motorists have over $1 billion in outstanding toll penalties. Victorians alone owe $687 Million, which is 2.7 times that of road safety camera infringement (speed, red light and unregistered vehicles) offences combined.

When, in just over 12 months, our advocacy office received thousands of toll road complaints through our website and hundreds of calls, we knew there was a serious problem. Upset, angry and confused motorists from all walks of life were having problems with toll road operator Transurban. Continue Reading…

Statement from Homeless Persons Union Victoria

Homeless Persons Union Victoria occupation of vacant Bendigo Street houses

Homeless Persons Union Victoria occupation of vacant Bendigo Street houses

Again, these properties are publicly owned and neither the state government or the salvation has made any attempt to house anyone escaping domestic violence in the 300 hundred odd other properties compulsorily acquired for the East-West link.

They have instead put many on the private market and paid $880 dollars a day to security firms to ‘defend’ them from the public. This is what the media will not print.

Statement from Homeless Persons Union Victoria (21 August 2016)

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who has supported this occupation. I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we are here to highlight the state government’s lack of investment in public housing a model that research has shown is three times more effective in addressing homelessness than community housing and or crisis accommodation. Continue Reading…

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