A big week for the East West Link

East West Link blog: A big week for the East West Link 5 October 2014

Last week saw some major developments including contracts being signed, changes to the plans gazetted by the Planning Minister and significant wins in two court cases.

On Monday, Anthony Murphy won his right to appeal his case against the State for misleading conduct. The judgment can be accessed here: Murphy v State of Victoria (29 September 2014)

Acting President Geoffrey Nettle and Justices Joseph Santamaria and David Beach held that the judge denied Mr Murphy a fair hearing by isolating three questions for determination before trial, and deciding those questions on the limited basis of facts admitted on the pleadings, without affording Mr Murphy discovery of documents or determining the State’s claim to be entitled to resist production of documents on the ground of public interest immunity. From Supreme Court

However, both the Appeal Court and the High Court denied injunctions preventing the signing of contracts. Without delay, following the High Court ruling, Premier Napthine signed contracts for the construction of Stage One of the East West Link. More in link.

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