Andrews attacks ‘desperate’ government

3AW: Andrews attacks ‘desperate’ government. Jake Bourke 25 November, 2014

Labor leader Daniel Andrews has accused the government of “making things up” about East West Link in the lead up to Saturday’s election.

In an intense grilling from Neil Mitchell, Mr Andrews was asked whether he accepted the $1.1 billion compensation figure the government says Victorians will wear should Labor be voted into power and tear up the contract as promised.

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“I don’t accept that at all,” Mr Andrews said on 3AW’s Morning program.

“I think this is desperate, I think this is just making things up.

“These contracts are not worth the paper they’re written on.

“There’ll be no compensation paid because these arrangements are not valid.”

Mr Andrews said there would be no work done on the road if he is elected.

“I’ve got very different priorities,” he said.

“I’ve been really clear about it.

“This is an $18 billion road and I don’t think we can afford this road while ambulances don’t arrive, tafes are in a real mess and those level crossings remain in place.

“It’s about priorities.”

When asked why he should be elected, Mr Andrews said he had been honest and clear about his plans for Victoria from the start.

“I am a person that has laid out a very clear plan for our state’s future and I want the great honour and responsibility to implement that plan,” he said.

“If we are elected on Saturday, I’ll be spending every day of those four years delivering on the priorities that I’ve put forward to the Victorian community.”

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