Chinese money will save Victoria but sink Abbott

Chinese money will save Victoria but sink Abbott

In the wake of the collapse of the mining boom, Chinese capital is set to play a remarkable role in who wins the next federal election and the overall state of the Australian economy. We are headed into uncharted waters.

On the surface, Tony Abbott has two potential election-winners in the “rogue” Victorian government led by Daniel Andrews and the inexperienced and unprepared new Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The Coalition election strategists are preparing an election campaign that will link Opposition leader Bill Shorten to the disasters that seem set for Victoria and Queensland following the election of Labor governments. The problems of the ALP in South Australia can add a bit of spice.

But it’s Victoria that will make or break the strategy

On the surface, Australia’s second largest state looks headed for a terrible beating, which will affect the whole nation. Joe Hockey’s decision to close the Australian motor industry (for which he had no mandate) will cause unemployment to rise, while the cancellation of the East West Link is a total disaster because Victoria has no major infrastructure project ready to go ahead for about three years. A few rail overpasses will provide only token help.

To make matters worse, Australia’s best government construction team was sacked over the East West Link and they have gone overseas and the militant CFMEU is now in charge of all major construction in Victoria. It seems a total disaster and Ken Phillips today details just how powerful the CFMEU is set to become.