City of Yarra: Council’s Trains Not Toll Road Parliamentary Petition Tabled

City of Yarra: Council’s Trains Not Toll Road Parliamentary Petition Tabled. 16 October 2014

Council’s Trains Not Toll Roads campaign petition containing 3,300 signatures was tabled in the Victorian Parliament’s Legislative Council this week.

This adds to the 4,727 signatures already tabled in the Legislative Assembly and a further 11,700+ online signatures, demonstrating significant community support for public transport.

The petition calls on the Victorian Government to abandon plans for a costly and unsustainable East-West toll road and tunnel and instead fund urgently needed public transport priorities including the Doncaster Rail Link.

The petitions send a clear message to our elected representatives that Victorians want greater investment in public transport. The latest parliamentary petition is another key milestone in the community campaign to support public transport as the most viable and productive solution to Melbourne’s worsening traffic congestion.

Since its launch Council’s Trains Not Toll Roads campaign has grown into a major state-wide campaign traversing municipal boundaries and engaging thousands of community members across Yarra and the State of Victoria.

More than 10,600 people support the Trains Not Toll Roads facebook page, actively posting and sharing information about the campaign’s key message – Yes to Doncaster Rail, No to the East West Link.It’s not too late to show your support for public transport by attending one of the many community events across Yarra. To stay in touch with the campaign or to find out about events go to or

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Brooke Colbert
Coordinator Strategic Advocacy
9205 5122

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