Congestion, trucks, noise and safety concerns drive petition to fix Rosanna Rd

Heidelberg Leader: Congestion, trucks, noise and safety concerns drive petition to fix Rosanna Rd. Laura Armitage. 29 July 2014

Mario Panaccio is a Rosanna Rd resident and part of the new lobby group Resolve Rosanna Rd. Picture: Josie Hayden

A group of residents living on one of Banyule’s busiest roads will lobby political parties in the lead-up to the state election for a reprieve from the traffic nightmares they face on a daily basis.

Resolve Rosanna Rd has almost 200 likes on Facebook in its bid to “demand” a resolution to traffic problems, which include the volume of vehicles, congestion, trucks, noise and safety.

The group is circulating a petition which is available for concerned residents and motorists to sign in shops, restaurants and schools throughout Heidelberg and Rosanna.

Banyule Council has flagged Rosanna Rd as one of the most congested roads that needs improved safety and amenity.

Group member Mario Panaccio said the traffic situation along Rosanna Rd going to and from Greensborough Highway, was becoming unreasonable.

“We’re not proposing a solution because I’m not a traffic engineer but we do want to know what people think and we want a solution,” Mr Panaccio said.

“We want a member of Parliament to table the petition because this is a significant political issue.

“If they want our vote then we want to know what the short and long-term plan is for our area.”

Mr Panaccio said East West Link would not provide a solution to the problems along Rosanna Rd.

“I don’t think East West Link would have a significant impact on us because people will still take the same journey,” he said.

Mr Panaccio has lived on Rosanna Rd for 27 years and said weekdays were a problem with but weekends were even worse.


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