East West Link buy-out offer for Chinese nursing home

The Age: East West Link buy-out offer for Chinese nursing home. September 30, 2014. Yolanda Redrup and Clay Lucas

Premier Denis Napthine visits a future East-West Link building site. Photo: Justin McManus

An elderly home for Chinese people in Parkville that will be surrounded by the East West Link has been offered voluntary acquisition by the Napthine government.

The Elderly Chinese Home in Manningham Street, Parkville, sits near the well-known “cheese stick” on CityLink as it approaches Flemington Road.

Under plans released on Tuesday by Premier Denis Napthine, the home would also be surrounded by an elevated ramp onto CityLink.

A spokesman for the Linking Melbourne Authority confirmed the Chinese home would be made an acquisition offer.

The home’s chairman Albert Lee said the authority had called him with the offer but he was very disappointed the home had not been compulsorily acquired, which would have guaranteed a better price for relocation – most likely to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

“Voluntary acquisition might not be sufficient for what we need,” he said. “If it’s voluntary, they can give us any price.”

He said the future of residents living in the home was crucial. “Otherwise, the community might lose our special service.”

The elderly home is three doors from the recently completed Evo apartments, which the government bought from about 150 off-the-plan buyers due to the impact of the new road.

Clifton Hill resident Ande Bunbury is also expecting a call from the government offering to acquire her home.

“I live in Gold Street … I’ve just had a call from a neighbour who has been offered a voluntary acquisition,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting it to happen. It seems more fair and reasonable, but to date the government has been anything but fair and reasonable.”

Ms Bunbury said Victorians deserved a vote on the East West Link.

“This won’t resolve transport issues in a long-lasting manner … the whole thing seems to have been done in an almost illegal fashion,” she said.

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