East West Link protest leader Anthony Main charged with wilful damage

Herald Sun: East West Link protest leader Anthony Main charged with wilful damage. Jonno Nash 25 February 2014

A police detective hands protest organiser Anthony Main a summons. Picture: Nicole Garmston Source: News Corp Australia

East West Link protest leader Anthony Main has been hit with a wilful damage charge.

Mr Main was handed a charge sheet by police as dozens of community members formed a picket line near a preliminary drill site in Fitzroy North this morning.

It is alleged Mr Main damaged temporary fencing at a drilling site in Collingwood on Wednesday, January 15.

Mr Main, a vocal member of the Socialist Party, said he would vigorously contest the “childish” charge and the $180 fine.

“All charges handed to the group so far have been very, very minor,” Mr Main said.

“It highlights the point they (the police) don’t have much on us and that’s why they’re trying to change the laws to deal with us with these new move-on powers.

“We’re definitely not concerned about the charges. It’s not going to slow us down. If anything it’s going to strengthen our resolve.”

Mr Main said fines against protesters will be paid by donations from locals supporting the anti-East West Link campaign.

Mr Main is scheduled to appear at the Collingwood Neighbourhood Justice Centre at 9.30am on Wednesday, March 26.

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