East West Link protesters must be brought to account

VECCI Media Release: East West Link protesters must be brought to account (23 January 2014)

Victoria’s peak employer body is appalled by the actions of certain East West Link protesters in the wake of reported intimidation of a small business owner in Fitzroy.

“The revelation from a small business owner that he has been threatened by some of the protesters to stay silent just because he raised concerns about the impact of their actions on his business is disgraceful,” says VECCI Chief Executive Mark Stone.

“There are legitimate ways to protest that don’t impact on the right of others to go about their work in peace. A noisy minority disrupting the East West project don’t seem to recognise or respect this.”

Mr Stone’s comments come in the wake of a report that protesters had threatened to stop customers from entering a local restaurant if the owner continued to raise his concerns about the negative impact the group’s presence was having on his business.

“It is clear this is a highly co-ordinated campaign that shows no sign of relenting and little concern for the people they are preventing from going about their business without restriction. It appears as if some of the protesters believe that one set of rules applies to them and another to everybody else,” says Mr Stone.

“The East West Link project is of fundamental importance to Victoria. As the recent issues with the Westgate Bridge highlight, Melbourne desperately needs a second river crossing.

“VECCI maintains its strong support for not only the East West Link but the completion of the link to the Port of Melbourne and then through to the Western Ring Road. It must be the beginning of a suite of major infrastructure projects designed to secure Victoria’s long term prosperity.”

– See more at: http://www.vecci.org.au/policy-and-advocacy/news/media-releases/2014/01/23/east-west-link-protesters-must-be-brought-account#sthash.wYGOb3h4.dpuf

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