East West Link reality too dark for Utopia

The Age – Letters – East West Link reality too dark for Utopia. 6 October 2014

Like many others engaged in the struggle against the East West Link, I was delighted to hear of the ABC program Utopia. It seemed so timely. But in fact the show has turned out to be a missed opportunity. Its creators opted for a familiar style of parody about a bungling and inept organisation that has stalled on its own hype. This does not ring true when it comes to the East West Link. There is a comedy here ripe for the picking, but of a darker, more Orwellian kind. Perhaps a second series of Utopia will get this. After the East West Link is off the table, there needs to be an inquiry of some kind. This will surely turn up rich material that has a lot more to say about what we are actually like as a society.

Andrew Kelly, Fitzroy

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