East-West Link: When a settlement isn’t compensation

3AW: East-West Link: When a settlement isn’t compensation. January 20, 2015. Matt Cram


Get used to that word, because Neil Mitchell’s interview with Deputy Premier James Merlino today proved that the definition of settlement will be central to the latest debate around the East-West Link.

Only day two and I am tearing my hair out

Before the election, Premier Daniel Andrews repeatedly said no compensation would be paid to East-West Link contractors when Labor ripped up the contract.

“This contract is not worth the paper it’s written on,” Daniel Andrews said. Often.

But today, amid reports the government faces a $1.2 billion payout to the contractors, the new government tells us it’s negotiating.

But they’re not negotiating compensation.

No, no. They’re negotiating a settlement, Mr Merlino said.

What’s the difference between settlement and compensation?

Neil Mitchell tried to work it all out.

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