East west workers’ wee problem angers locals

The Age: East west workers’ wee problem angers locals. January 22, 2014. Henrietta Cook

Bottles of urine dumped outside a Clifton Hill house have been blamed on security guards stationed at an east-west link drill site.

The Linking Melbourne Authority is investigating claims that the bottles were filled and abandoned by its contractors after resident Ande Bunbury complained to the Authority that contractors at the Gold Street drill site were not provided with adequate toilet facilities, and used plastic bottles instead.

She expressed concern about the conditions endured by the contractors, and said they worked out of their own cars, with no air conditioning, during last week’s heat wave.

“There was no access to toilet facilities. I found three plastic bottles full of urine, I can’t prove that it was them, but given they were outside my property I believe it was them.’’

The Residents Against the Tunnel member raised her concerns about the bottles of urine and noise from the drill site with the Linking Melbourne Authority.

‘‘I can only imagine that finding bottles of urine in front of your property would have been very unpleasant. We will look into this issue,’’ the Authority told Ms Bunbury in an email.

A Linking Melbourne Authority spokeswoman told The Age that security staff had access to toilets and ‘‘there is no evidence to suggest what this liquid was or who left it.’’

Ms Bunbury said one of the security guards told her he did not belong to a union, and was happy for her to complain on his behalf.

She said the security guards spent six days stationed outside her house, enduring temperatures above 40 degrees.

‘‘The government shouldn’t have anyone working on their project in such appalling conditions.’’

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