FLS participation in the East West Link Project Litigation

Fitzroy Legal Service: FLS participation in the East West Link Project Litigation

The Fitzroy Legal Service assists thousands of individuals each year through a range of direct legal assistance services and through publications such as The Law Handbook. We recently initiated a new family law evening legal advice clinic in partnership with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre and will shortly commence an outreach at St Mary’s House of Welcome. Fitzroy Legal Service relies heavily on the generosity of hundreds of individuals who volunteer their time to assist the community through our services.

The East West Link project is a significant issue for our local residents. The Fitzroy Legal Service has over forty years history in serving the local community on issues impacting them, including through public interest litigation which is facilitated through the goodwill, commitment and pro bono assistance of the legal profession.

Fitzroy Legal Service is not incurring any out of pocket costs and disbursements in relation to this matter, and our engagement will not impact on our service delivery.

The case is being run in partnership with Shine Lawyers, and senior and junior counsel are providing support on a pro bono basis. We expect expert evidence will not be on a pro bono basis and community support will be engaged in fundraising.

This is a legal challenge based on the law, and our support is to facilitate access to justice in a matter of considerable importance to the community we serve. Citizens have a right to access justice through legal processes, and to obtain legal representation of their choice. This case is a community driven initiative, supported by a large number of community groups.

Claudia Fatone
Executive Officer

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