Howard helps with Napthine campaign while roads funding row continues

Nine News: Howard helps with Napthine campaign while roads funding row continues 26 November 2014

Former prime minister John Howard has added star power to Victorian Premier Denis Napthine’s election campaign, as federal roads funding steals the spotlight.

Mr Howard has proven popular with shoppers at the Eastland Shopping Centre in the seat of Ringwood, held by the Liberal party with a margin of 6.3 per cent.

The polls are suggesting Dr Napthine needs all the help he can get three days before the state election which Labor is tipped to win.

It comes as federal Liberal leader Tony Abbott weighed into the Victorian infrastructure debate, threatening to pull funds if Labor pursues its plans.

KEY ISSUES: Where do the major parties stand on the issues that matter most to Victorians? Click through to compare Labor and Liberal signature policies.

The Federal Government has earmarked $3 billion for urban road infrastructure in Victoria, including the East West link.

Victorian opposition leader Daniel Andrews has campaigned against the project, and has also claimed he could convince the Federal Government to allocate the funds to another project.

However, in an election-eve letter obtained by The Australian, Mr Abbott warned Victorians the funds would only be delivered if the road went ahead.

Treasurer Michael O’Brien has said if Labor scrapped the contracts, the compensation to contract-holders would be at least $1.1 billion.

Also today, mixed martial arts were on the agenda, with the parties holding opposing views on the popular sport.

Meanwhile, firefighters have blasted Labor’s plan for Victoria, saying it puts the state at risk.

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