More East-West link protests

3AW: More East-West link protests. Katie Hodge, 28 March 2014

Protests against the East-West tunnel continue this weekend, as the ‘Moreland community against the East-West tunnel’ take to the streets of Brunswick.

Michael Petit, spokesperson for the group, told Tom Elliott the protest aims to send a message to the government that there are other alternatives which should be considered.

“It’s a protest that wants public transport alternatives to the $8billion wasted on the East-West,” he said.

“You could get a lot more value… by doing a lot more with public transport.

“I’d rather see some emphasis on public transport. Look at what the alternatives are… to reduce congestion. This East-West is simply going to add to congestion.” He added.

LISTEN: Replay Tom Elliot’s interview with Michael Petit, Spokesperson for the ‘Moreland community against the East-West tunnel

Mr Petit said Royal Park is going to lose 5000 trees and he believes the zoo “will be imperilled by this” with noise levels set to be so high they pose a major risk to some of the zoo’s programs.

“If you look at the world health organisations reports on noise levels, the noise levels at the zoo will be so high you cannot be running an endangered species program to fight extinction when you have noise levels to the amount they are going to be.”

“They should find out what the noise levels and vibration levels are going to be before they sign the contract and the zoo hasn’t done this.”

The ‘Moreland community against the East-West tunnel’ protest will take place at 1pm on Sunday 30th March in Brunswick.

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