Moreland Council says it will stop the tunnel

Moreland Council says it will stop the tunnel

Friday 18 July 2014, Moreland City Council

Moreland Councillors voted tonight to pursue legal action against the State Government to stop contracts being signed to begin the construction of the East West Tunnel.

Moreland’s Mayor Cr. Lambros Tapinos said, “A project of such size and cost must be supported by the best possible evidence before it is approved by a Minister. We do not believe that the Government has made the case or followed proper process.

“Moreland wants a Judge to decide if the process was properly followed before the State of Victoria is contractually committed to a multi-billion dollar project that will change the city of Melbourne forever,” Cr. Tapinos said.

“We say the Government hasn’t presented a compelling case for the tunnel. If a Judge agrees it is still open to the Napthine Government to do so.”

Cr. Tapinos said that the Tunnel Project is of great concern to many Moreland residents. “We also believe it would be appropriate for the Premier to face the court of public opinion on this project at the November State election.”

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