Mr Andrews, Kill off the East West link

YCAT calls on opposition leader Daniel Andrews to use his unique position in the parliament to kill of the loathed East-West Link.

The State budget can now only be passed with the support of the Opposition. Mr Andrews has given a commitment to pass it.

The budget provisions for the East-West link will put Victorians in debt and disarray to pay for a project Mr Andrews has called a dog. At the same time he has given comfort to the road lobbby and investment banks by saying he would honour any contracts signed.

Mr. Andrews, you have the opportunity to kill this project now, by making your support of the budget conditional that the East West link be deferred to an election and demand the release of the business case.

Victorians are wondering whether the Labor party really supports this project but doesn’t want the opprobium of being held responsible for it. Now the opposition has shared responsibility for the continuance of this mad scheme.

We commend Mr. Andrews for acting like a statesman, and putting the interest of  Victorians ahead of party political gain. The libreral governemnt would no doubt also be relieved to have this unpopular, rushed and badly conceived project taken out of their hands.

At least let Victorians vote on it and save the exit fees from rushed contracts.




2 thoughts on “Mr Andrews, Kill off the East West link”

  1. Eryl says:

    completion of the Western ring road and Doncaster Rail are the best and cheapest options and then add the Metro Rail tunnel. Surely Andrews can force these changes to the Budget before passing it.

  2. ItsMeMario says:

    Mr Andrews is happily embracing this pic to spruik up the benefits of the EW Link:

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