Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews will find it isn’t easy being green

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Herald Sun: Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews will find it isn’t easy being green. James Campbell. 30 September 2014

Daniel Andrews opposes the East West Link.

FOR the next 60 days the hardest game in Victorian politics will be spotting a difference between the Greens and the Labor Party on the East West project.

Since Daniel Andrews came around to the Greens’ position on ripping up the East West contracts earlier this month, the two parties have been interchangeable.

Yesterday an MP from one party said “there is no legally binding contract for the East West Link”, while an MP from the other claimed that “by rushing to sign these contracts so close to the State Government going into caretaker mode, the State Government and East West contractors and financiers are exposed to massive risk”.

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For the record, the first quote was Labor’s James Merlino’s; the second, Greens MHR Adam Bandt’s.

Yesterday, Mr Merlino said Victorians would decide the future of the East West project at November’s election. If people don’t want it, the Government will be punished.

But that is no excuse for the ALP’s jumping into bed with the Greens, the Socialist Party, the Yarra and Moreland councils and any other inner-city Leftie you can think of who wants to rip up contracts the Government has entered into.

They’re signed now.

Daniel Andrews should accept it and move on.

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