Peak business body applauds passing of “move-on” laws

VECCI: Peak business body applauds passing of “move-on” laws. 13 March 2014

VECCI welcomes the Victorian Parliament’s passing of legislation to expand police powers to “move-on” people engaging in illegal picket line and protest activities, as it will protect the fundamental rights of business.

“The right to freely enter one’s premises is a fundamental right. People should be able to go about their business and earn a living without others preventing them from doing so or making them fear for their safety,” says VECCI Chief Executive Mark Stone.

“VECCI has been a strong and consistent advocate of the need for this legislation and we applaud the Government for securing passage through parliament,” says Mr Stone.

The legislation grants Victoria Police the power to issue move-on orders where a person is:

  • impeding lawful access to a business premises; or
  • obstructing others or traffic; or
  • causing a reasonable fear of violence.

“It is fundamental that clients, customers and suppliers are able to freely enter and exit business premises and that private property is protected,” says Mr Stone.

“A number of Victorian businesses have been subjected to illegal picket line activities and protests in recent years including the CBD blockade of Grocon’s Myer Emporium project. More recently, traffic has been affected by the East-West link protesters.

“There is no place for a vocal minority who do not respect the rights of others to engage in lawful work and business activity, so we welcome this action to ensure the rights of businesses are protected and that major projects are able to proceed.”

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