Put a stop to a legal disservice

Herald Sun Editorial: Put a stop to a legal disservice. 23 April 2014

Turn off the tap on the taxpayer and ratepayer money being poured into what is clearly a political agenda being run by the Fitzroy Legal Service.

The Supreme Court challenge by serial pest Tony Murphy to disrupt the Napthine Government’s East West Link should not be the concern of the legal service. Among its cash contributors is Victorian Legal Aid, another sympathiser of Left-wing causes, but what of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and the Victorian Department of Health?

What have they to do with Mr Murphy’s determination to frustrate the Victorian Government’s plans to link the city’s major freeway and tollway systems through a multi-billion-dollar project that will be to the benefit of all Victorians?

The answer is nothing and Mr Murphy should look for his funds elsewhere. Let him reach into his own pocket and that of his fellow protesters. This pest campaigned against the Eastern Freeway in the 1970s and chained himself to a drilling rig in his attempts to delay the East West Link.

How the FLS spends its ratepayer and taxpayer contributions is a legitimate concern of taxpayers in an election year, and of ratepayers, particularly when Mr Murphy admits his house is not affected by the East West Link tunnel project. He says he regards himself as an environmental campaigner. He is better described as a pest. He says pushing for progress means you sometimes have to break minor laws, but he is the one denying progress through a wasteful challenge that has no chance of success.

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