Shire not backing campaign against east-west link

ABC Victoria: Shire not backing campaign against east-west link. Thu 10 Apr 2014, 9:14am AEST

Northern Grampians Shire councillors have voted against providing financial support to a campaign against the $8 billion east-west link.

The Public Transport Users Association wrote to all regional councils asking for a $1,000 contribution towards the publishing of a letter to the Premier in a prominent Melbourne newspaper.

The association says it is a cheap way for councils to voice their concerns about the tollway’s impact on funding for regional projects.

However, Mayor Kevin Erwin says councillors thought otherwise.

“Council chose not to support that,” he said.

“We have enough on our plate as it is trying to get the Western Highway funded and some passenger rail services up in this end of the state, so council chose not to support that letter and contribute funds towards that organisation.”

Councillors also adopted a fire recovery plan for the region at this week’s meeting.

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