Should we ban cars from Melbourne’s CBD?

The Age: Should we ban cars from Melbourne’s CBD? Michael Short April 16, 2015

Radically reducing or even banning cars in Melbourne’s central business district would make our city more vibrant and attractive, improving the amenity of the place for the almost 850,000 citizens who pour into it each day, more than two-thirds of them via public transport. Wouldn’t you prefer a city that is not choked with traffic and its choking emissions?

It’s happening all over the world, and experts reckon it ought to happen here – cars should be progressively prohibited from the CBD and most streets all-but entirely turned over to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. I’ll show you more about this in a moment, but here’s a quick taste from Madrid (pic from Flickr user Mispahn), a city that has banned most cars from some city thoroughfares, and is planning to pretty much prohibit private vehicles from the CBD in the next five years.