Support to residents impacted by East West home acquisition

City of Yarra: Support to residents impacted by East West home acquisition. 12 August 2014

Council is offering support to residents who recently received a letter from the Linking Melbourne Authority advising that their homes will be acquired to make way for construction of the East West Link.

Council understands this is a distressing and uncertain time for the community and is offering the following assistance to residents who received letters or who are affected by the East West Link project.

In addition to accessing the services below, Council strongly encourages residents to seek independent legal advice regarding any correspondence received from the Linking Melbourne Authority.

Council’s support to residents affected by the East West Link:

  • Free meeting space/s will be made available on a regular basis should residents need a place to meet as a group, or with lawyers or support or counselling services.
  • If needed, free child care / playgroup services can be provided to coincide with the use of the free meeting space.
  • A free interpreter service can be provided to assist people of non-English speaking backgrounds to understand information about the project.

To access any of these services, residents can contact Council on 9205 5555.

Residents are also encouraged to highlight anyone they know from vulnerable groups who may need special assistance or support (for example elderly residents, people with health conditions, people with a disability and people from non-English speaking backgrounds who are already clients of Council’s community services).If you know someone who falls into this category and may need extra assistance, contact Council on 9205 5555.

Council remains strongly opposed to the East West Link and the impact it would have on local neighbourhoods, the environment, transport congestion and health and wellbeing.

Council recently joined Moreland Council in Supreme Court action against the project. The legal challenge seeks a judicial review of the Minister for Planning’s approval of the East West.

Council also continues to support the Trains Not Toll Roads campaign, which unites the community’s calls for improvements to public transport as a solution to Melbourne’s traffic congestion, rather than spending on roads. To find out more about the campaign and how to get involved, visit or join on Facebook –

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