Transport tops list as readers reveal passions and gripes before poll

Guardian Australia: Transport tops list as readers reveal passions and gripes before poll. 22 August 2014

Roads and public transport are the issues that garnered the biggest response from readers in our first Victorian election blog

There was lots of reaction to the launch of this new blog on Thursday, and many suggestions of how to do better or what to do next from you via comments, email and Twitter. Here’s a quick summary of what you had to say:

Transport, transport, transport

People are passionate about transport, with many of you thinking it will be the single most critical issue in the upcoming election (now in 99 days). There’s big concern about the lack of transparency over the East West Link business case, and a view that public transport woes helped defeat the Brumby government, with the Napthine government failing to heed the lessons. There was also criticism of Labor’s position that it will honour the contract for EW Link if it is signed before the 29 November election. For background, here’s Shaun Carney supporting the EW Linkin the Herald Sun in June. The Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport (YCAT) has published a detailed history and critique of the project.

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