True East West cost unknown: Vic treasurer

SBS News: True East West cost unknown: Vic treasurer 16 Apr 2015

But Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said the money sunk into the project was spelled out in the last two budgets at close to $400 million, on top of the $339 million paid to the building consortium to walk away.

Treasurer Tim Pallas said Labor would go through the books to find out how much the previous government spent on getting the $6.8 billion East West Link ready.

“It’ll take us a while to find out how much cost they actually wasted on this,” he told reporters on Thursday.

Mr Guy said the numbers were clearly available in the last two budgets.

“I think there’s about $200 million for pre-planning, around $160 million or so for acquisition of properties, $24 million for IP, the details were there,” he said.

Labor paid the East West Connect consortium to walk away from the project after it promised to dump the road tunnel if it won the November election.