Vic: RACV Releases Transport Blueprint, State Budget Demands For 2015

Vic: RACV Releases Transport Blueprint, State Budget Demands For 2015 Trevor CollettApr 22, 2015

Victoria’s RACV has outlined its vision for a transport blueprint, which it says would bring improved mobility, safety and affordability to the state.

In a report titled ‘Directions 2015’, the RACV says the Metro Rail Tunnel project and Dandenong rail upgrade are key projects to relieve congestion in Melbourne.

Also key, says the RACV, is the removal of the numerous level rail crossings in Melbourne, which was a hot topic during campaigning for Victoria’s state election last year.

The new state government has committed to all of these projects, but the RACV says the investment shouldn’t end there.

The RACV is also calling for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road, the Melbourne Airport Rail link and the complete East West Link.

That last demand is likely to fall on deaf ears, at present, as the new state government rose to power largely on the promise it would tear up the East West Link contract – which it did earlier this month, at a cost of $339 million.

On public transport, the Directions report outlines what the RACV says is a safer, fairer system with better connections between road, rail and private personal transport.

Directions is the result of technical research, advice from experts and consultation with RACV members, who participated through the RoyalAuto forum last year.

Issues surrounding cyclists and pedestrians were also raised by members, particularly regarding connections with public transport, children and speed limits.

“It’s not about one mode of transport versus another – a successful transport network is about achieving a balance between the needs of the different users and uses of our transport network,” RACV’s Brian Negus said.

“Victoria’s economy and future growth depends on a transport network that moves people and goods safely efficiently and reliably and we believe RACV’s Directions 2015 blueprint outlines the vision needed to achieve this.”

Mr Negus has also penned an open letter to the new state government ahead of its first budget, due to be handed down soon.

In the letter, Mr Negus reinforces the RACV’s support for the removal of level rail crossings in Melbourne, while also calling for increased funding to fix Victoria’s highways.

RACV members outlined the Chandler and Princes Highways as black spots during recent public polling, and the RACV believes the Shepparton bypass is another highway project of importance.

The 2015/16 state budget for Victoria is due to be handed down on May 5.