Victorian Greens bid to win balance of power

Sky News: Victorian Greens bid to win balance of power. Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Victorian Greens will use a people-powered campaign to try and win the balance of power in both houses at the November state election.

The party, which won 12 per cent of the primary vote in the 2010 state poll, will run candidates in all seats.

‘We’ve also got a whole bunch of inner city marginals where we’ve come very close in past elections,’ Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber told reporters at its campaign launch on Saturday.

‘Just a per cent or two in some cases and that could put us in the balance of power in both houses.’

Mr Barber said the party hoped to tap into disaffected voters favouring investment in public transport over the multibillion dollar East West link tunnel project.

‘A lot of it’s to do with going door to door to door,’ he said.

The Victorian Greens have three MPs in the Victorian upper house.

Melbourne is one of the inner city seats where the battle will be heated.

Last election the Greens lost to Labor by about 400 votes.

Australian Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt hopes the party replicates the success of last year’s federal poll where he won Melbourne with a seven per cent swing to him despite some pundits predicting he would lose to Labor.

Mr Bandt said the win was on the back of a people-powered campaign that involved knocking on more than 40,000 doors which they would run again.

‘If the results at the federal election are repeated at the state level then we’re in with a good chance of winning a lower house seat here at a state election,’ he said.

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