Where is the evidence?

“The most sensible fix is to establish an independent advisory body that can assess major project proposals  and release public reports about their benefits and cost.”

“ A body such as Infrastructure Victoria would help stop governments making dumb decisions and encourage a return to a more long-term bipartisan approach to investment in capital projects with a high rate of return.”

Where is the evidence for the Napthine government’s  decision to scrap the long-planned Melbourne Metro and replace it with Melbourne Rail Link? Or the prioritizing of East West Link over all other road projects?

Where is the evidence to support Labor’s proposal to invest in eliminating level crossings or its preference for a new port for Melbourne in Bay West instead of Hastings?

“Finally, (slowing Melbourne’s growth) would almost certainly send the state into deep recession.”

“So for the politician who wants to save the world’s most liveable city and build a bigger and better Melbourne the path ahead is narrow but clear – and the 2014 state election is your time.”

Nicholas Reece, How to save the world’s most liveable city …”, The Age, Comment, October 20,p.20

Nicholas Reece is a principal fellow at Melbourne University , director of ElectionWatch .edu.au and a former Labor advisor.


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