Why set up EWL panel?

The Age – Letters: Why set up EWL panel? 3 October 2014

You have to wonder why the Napthine government wasted money setting up an advisory panel when it had no intention of heeding any of its recommendations (”East West Link means game over for playground”, 2/10). The ”final” design announced this week contained elements that have never been aired, much less evaluated for impact – the on-ramp at Brunswick Road, for example. Previous revisions and additions are also unevaluated. Why didn’t the government save us all a lot of money, time and effort and just tell us from the outset it was going to ignore community opposition, expert advice and environmental and financial concerns, and do what it feel it needed to do to be re-elected. Clearly for Napthine et al, the end justifies any means.

Bernadette O’Connor, Moonee Ponds

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