Richard Wynne on notice: Tunnel Picketers Visit his Office

Sue: Jackson: Richard Wynne on notice: Tunnel Picketers Visit his Office. 1 August 2014

This morning we Tunnel Picketers met in Smith Street at 8am – a time which for us, accustomed as we are to 5am starts – feels almost like mid-morning. We were there to pressure Richard Wynne, our local State MP, to put his money where his mouth is. He needs to stop merely saying that he is opposed to the East-West Link, but express that opposition in action. He must agree to ripping up the contracts should Labor be elected. If he cannot commit to that his chances of re-election, we believe, will be negligible.

Know your rights as residents!

Know your rights as residents!  Property acquisition and the East West Link

7pm Tuesday August 5, Clifton Hill Primary School, 185 Gold Street, Clifton Hill

7pm Wednesday August 13, Flemington Community Centre, 25 Mount Alexander Road, Flemington

To residents of Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Carlton and Flemington,

You are invited to a meeting convened by the Residents Against the Tunnel to enable discussion and to inform you about the various issues raised for home owners and tenants by the proposed East West Link. The discussion will cover:

  • home owners notified they will be compulsory acquired
  • those outside the project boundary wanting voluntary acquisition option
  • those above the tunnel sections having their title rights acquired
  • people wanting to have property inspections to protect,their position if there is damage during works
  • people who are tenants in buildings to be acquired

There will be lawyers from major firms present to explain the legal issues and take your questions about what your rights are and what you need to do to get the right outcome for your situation. Continue Reading…

Why won’t the government kill the Hoddle St Flyover?

Clearly, the minister is badly informed about what evidence was actually exhibited to the panel.

Why did the minister overrule the assessment committee?

The Victorian Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, was given advice by his own panel that the Hoddle Street Flyover should be deleted from the project. Despite this, the minister is pressing on with this destructive infrastructure. Why didn’t he accept the advice of his own advisory panel?   To press ahead against the advice when the project (and the government) is already suffering a legitimacy problem would suggest there are some very strong drivers pushing for the flyover. Yet the Linking Melbourne Authority was unable to convince the Assessment Panel that the flyover was even necessary.  So what could the drivers be? First we can look at reasons the Minister’s gave for disregarding the advice. The stated reasons for decision covers the flyover at Section 45.

I have rejected the Committee’s finding that the option for a flyover at the eastern end of the Project would be unacceptable for the following reasons: (a) The Project is of such significance to the State, and this interchange so critical to the design, that it is necessary and desirable that the eastern portal and access be resolved sooner rather than later and with this approval.

Continue Reading…

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