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Doncaster Rail

  • Toll road to kill off future Doncaster rail: public transport group April 26, 2018
    It will also see a busway built on the northern side of the road, for the Doncaster shuttle that currently travels along either side of the Eastern Freeway. Infrastructure Victoria, the state's adviser on spending, found in 2016 that a long-term plan to build a rail line down the Eastern Freeway did not stack up.
  • Melbourne needs two new rail tunnels by 2035, council says April 21, 2018
    Metro 3 is still questionable, there is no confirmed route or previous planning work (Metro 2 has popped up in Doncaster rail study and then the PTV plan mentioned again in Infrastructure Victoria plans, also in the Fisherman's Bend planning scheme). Metro 3 is still very underdeveloped as of yet.
  • New Hoddle St P-turns to confuse motorists when introduced April 13, 2018
    “Unless you double the width of Hoddle St, which is obviously impossible, the only solution is to build the promise Doncaster Rail Link and take thousands of cars out of the equation.” Australia's first P-Turn was first introduced in Frankston in 2015 as a temporary fix to construction near the Peninsula Link ...
  • Arcadis appoints Greg Harrison for national business sustainability role March 22, 2018
    ... Energy Power Station, Melbourne Metro Tunnels and Stations PPP, Outer Suburban Arterials Roads PPP, Monash Freeway Upgrade, CityLink-Tulla Widening Project, Doncaster Rail Study, Port of Hastings Port Development Strategy, Darlington Transport Stud...
  • Students set to take the bus to Melbourne Uni’s $1b ‘future of engineering’ December 21, 2017
    The government strategy also flagged a Doncaster rail line that would travel through Clifton Hill and then on in a new metro line that would extended through Fishermans Bend. An underground rail station within the precinct was flagged for the area. But...
  • RIP Doncaster Rail November 29, 2017
    The premier has lost the plot in my view wanting to put more buses on the roads with nowhere to go at the city end. This is a crazy project. He is being ...
  • Has spending on roads spun out of control? November 24, 2017
    How many outer-suburban residents of Melbourne though will now go without the benefit of a railway line or proper bus service because this road will soak up so much money? For $16.5 billion, the Rowville rail the Baillieu government costed at $3 billio...
  • Melbourne / North East Link Project (Freeway) November 5, 2017
    Its all about cost and benefit. Many other heavy rail projects are more economically sound than a Doncaster rail currently. In the future it is uncertain ...
  • Kinder crush forces Wyndham council to use portable rooms October 30, 2017
    Melbourne Deputy Lord Mayor Arron Wood called for action on projects such as Metro 2, the airport rail link, the Doncaster rail line, and improved bus ...
  • New tram over Yarra, train line and tower heights put into Fishermans Bend plan October 20, 2017
    In transport, two routes have been put forward for a new rail line to the area in the far-flung future: the Doncaster rail line would travel through Clifton ...

East West Link

Melbourne Metro Rail Project

Western Distributor/West Gate Tunnel