Melbourne is in the middle of a transport planning nightmare

From Sustainable Cities: Melbourne is in the middle of a transport planning nightmare.

Our elected officials are committing to megaroad projects that won’t ease congestion. Instead we’re left with transport, health and amenity nightmares across Melbourne.

We can’t build our way out of the transport crisis facing Melbourne with roads. Everytime we build a new road, or widen an existing road, they fill with more traffic.

The community are going to take action into their own hands.  We have to do what governments have failed to, to disrupt the politics of transport policy in our city.

We are launching our own community transport action plan.

Community solutions will put livability, jobs, health and the environment first.

Our vision brings together ideas from Melbourne’s transport academics, community groups, workers, and road users. During 2018 we’ll test for broader community support in a huge grassroots civil society consultation process.

Meet us at Parliament House steps on the first day of Parliament 2018. We’ll hear about the ongoing health impacts of mega roads, the job potential from investing in sustainable transport options, politicians that are standing up for sustainable transport, and how YOU can get involved.

The West Gate Tunnel project will create more congestion and pollution. It’ll increase Transurbans’ profits, a private corporation already making super profits from Victorians and evading tax. Meanwhile, North East Link plans funnel more traffic onto the Eastern Freeway. This prevents further rail infrastructure and inevitably leads to more road widening and more tolls. The opposition are no better, reigniting the East West link project as a top priority.

These projects push thousands more cars into our congested city.

Let’s make 2018 the year we get our transport on a more sustainable track.

WHEN: 8-9am Tuesday 6 February 2018

WHEREsteps of Victorian Parliament House, Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3004

WHO: everyone in Melbourne who wants to win a sustainable transport plan!

Click here to RSVP

If you want to get more involved before February then get in touch on – we have heaps of work to get done before then! And follow our updates on Facebook andTwitter.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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  1. MostLivableNightmare says:

    A terrible and an infrastructure that weak that it cripples at the single sight of rain, a single car breakdown or any form of change in traffic, causing daily ongoing stress and nerves on the roads that is only getting worse.

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