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Really Moving Victoria

From Public Transport Not Traffic: Victoria is growing fast, but to cut time stuck in traffic we need excellent public transport and the removal of level crossings, not the East-West tollway. This 60-second video featuring Victorians from all walks of life was produced (unlike the government’s tollway ads) at absolutely no cost to the taxpayer.

East West Link media coverage – 30 September 2014

Quarterly fees kept secret for 25 years?!? Goodluck with that buddy.

Seven News Melbourne (30 September 2014) with Brendan Donohoe, Keith Fitzgerald, Daniel Andrews, David Saxelby, Greg Barber, Anthony Main.

The Premier has revealed Victorian taxpayers will have to fork out $2 billion to fund the first stage of the East West Link. Brendan Donohoe reports.

Topics: tunnel design, flyovers, CityLink connections, 200 complusory acquisitions, financials, toll costs, secret quarterly fees, compensation for consortia, vent stack near Clifton Hill Primary School and future community protests.

East West Link media coverage: 29 September 2014

Video of East West Link media coverage, including ABC News, Seven, Nine Network and Ten Eyewitness News Melbourne with the Supreme Court Appeal, High Court and Victorian State Government signing EWL contracts with Lendlease.

Senator Janet Rice: let’s get the transport mix right in our cities

Australian Greens: Let’s get the transport mix right in our cities. 25 Sep 2014, Janet Rice. Transport & Infrastructure

I want to talk tonight about what makes a great city. How do we bring people together to work, play, go about their daily lives, have somewhere to call home and be educated efficiently happily and safely? Cities exist because they are efficient, engaging, exciting and enjoyable places to be. But the downside of cities is that people do not have all the space that they have outside of cities. The cost of land is high because there is a lot of demand for that land and the mass of people who make cities exciting and enjoyable places to be can impact on people’s ability to get around. The hustle, bustle and vibrancy can equal noise and congestion. Getting food and goods to people can create further congestion. And dealing with waste from large numbers of people can lead to pollution of our air, water and land.

Australian Greens: Senate requests East West toll road business case. 25 Sep 2014 Janet Rice, Transport & Infrastructure

The Senate has passed a Greens motion to force the tabling of documents that Infrastructure Australia has on the East West toll road. The text of the motion is as follows:

I move:

That there be laid on the table by the Minister representing the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, no later than 4 pm on 2 October 2014, the following documents held or prepared by Infrastructure Australia:

(a) any business case presented by the Victorian Government for the East West Link project;

(b) any other documents in relation to the East West Link project provided to Infrastructure Australia by the Victorian Government; and

(c) any assessment of the proposed East West Link undertaken by Infrastructure Australia, including the priority of this project as compared to other projects.

RATs update on Murphy case

Residents Against the Tunnel: RATs update on Murphy case. 25 September 2014

Please thank Tony, FLS & Shine Lawyers for their efforts to save us from the EWL monster.

Anthony Murphy v State & LMA.

This case has been considered in the appeal court by three judges over three days. The appeal was about procedural fairness, that the original hearings were flawed in procedure, and that therefore the case should be given the opportunity to be reheard at trial. On the last day, Wednesday 24 September, the deliberations centred on the question of the injunctions – being to stop contracts from being signed until such time as a judge could rule on them if the case is remitted back for a rehearing, and on halting the compulsory acquisition process.

Arguments centred on the appropriateness of the injunctive relief being sought, and the nexus between that relief and the assumed misleading representations. In short, injunctive relief was denied because it was deemed to go beyond what the court considered appropriate relief. They were swayed by arguments from the State, LMA and preferred bidder about the costs that would be incurred if contracts were not signed. Continue Reading…

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