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Book launch: Beating the big end of town



6pm – 9pm, Friday 22 May, Collingwood Gallery, 292 Smith St, Collingwood | Facebook event

Book launch: How a community defeated the East-West toll road. Hosted by No East West Tunnel – Take the pledge

Beating the big end of town: How a community defeated the East-West toll road

Come and celebrate the defeat of the East-West Link at this special event!

Anthony Main, one of the spokespeople of the community campaign, will launch his new book ‘Beating the big end of town’ which is an account of the successful struggle that stopped one of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects.

Not only did the campaign stop a destructive toll road but it also helped bring down a Liberal state government in the process!

If allowed to go ahead the East-West Link would have demolished hundreds of properties, ruined historic parks and seen billions of taxpayer dollars handed over to private corporations. Thanks to people standing up, and organising, it was stopped in its tracks.

Come along to discuss with activists and celebrate a significant example of people power!

Route 100 Light Rail – Doncaster to Inner City


Route 100 Light Rail – Doncaster to Inner City by Victorian Transport Action Group

The attached paper on a Doncaster light rail which continues along Alexandra Parade to Nicholson Street has been developed by Victorian Transport Action Group (VTAG), who are seeking feedback before finalising the paper. This paper can be distributed to others. Any comments should go to Mike Reece of VTAG via email: mikereece[AT]ozemail.com.au

A key issue is the absence of any public transport the full length of Alexandra Parade, despite this carrying 70,000 vehicles per day, and the underdeveloped land use along Alexandra Parade. However, would light rail if built, preclude building the Doncaster Rail Line?

Route 100 Light Rail – Doncaster to Inner City by Victorian Transport Action Group (VTAG) Version 2 by Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport (YCAT)

Victoria needs further federal funds for rail

Image: Rushwright AssociatesVictoria needs further federal funds for rail. Philip Laird

From Track and Signal April-June 2015 Pages 10 and 11. Reprinted with the permission of the author, and Track and Signal magazine.


The year 2014 has been and gone. From a rail freight perspective, Australia’s iron ore and coal railways worked even harder to cut costs to meet falling commodity prices, and there was growing interest in the promised Inland Railway. However, improved competitive neutrality between road and rail freight for road-user charges and track access fees remained as elusive as ever.

On the urban passenger front, Adelaide and Auckland both saw new electric trains placed in revenue service. These new trains were followed by the Gold Coast Light Rail which opened in July and took just two months to carry its one millionth passenger.

The well-designed and well-constructed Perth-Mandurah line – now seven years old – posted another year of excellent service with more than 20 million trips made in 2014.

By way of contrast, the New South Wales Government stopped train services to Newcastle on 26 December 2014. This was despite widespread community opposition supported by a NSW parliamentary committee which called for a halt to the closure, and a NSW Supreme Court decision finding that an act of Parliament would be needed to remove the line from Wickham to Newcastle. Continue Reading…

You Stopped the East West Toll Road

Saturday May 9, 2015: You Stopped the East West Toll Road, opening speech by Adam Bandt.

Celebratory drinks at The Fox Hotel, Collingwood for everyone who worked so hard to stop this toll & celebrating this huge victory. We’ll host a more videos from the afternoon when time permits.

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