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East West Link on Q&A

From Q&A (20 April 2015), an audience member attempts to do a Bjorn Again in regards to East West Link and receives a blunt answer from Anna Burke MP about stopping an apparent “cheque” being written. The audience reaction at 1.27 mark when Anna mentions the light rail should be built along the Eastern pretty much speaks for itself.

EAST-WEST CANCELLATION: John Tyrrell asked: I’ve been running a small business for over 30 years, and don’t mind paying tax as long as it is used properly. But to see hundreds of millions of our taxes blatantly and unnecessarily wasted by the new Vic govt to cancel the East West link is extremely frustrating when everyone knows it has to be built and WILL be built one day. Is this the worst decision you have seen from a State Government, and can anyone tell me how can we stop Daniel (Andrews, Premier of VIC) writing that cheque?”

Watch the entire Q&A episode from 20 April 2015

East West Link leaves a legacy of ‘ghost streets’ and trail of broken dreams

Here’s a reminder from Keith Fitzgerald about how residents were similarly put through the wringer in the 1970s, extract from his East West Link CIS Public Hearing submission:

“In the chaotic period in the mid seventies, 99 residential properties were demolished, 36 acres of Yarra Bend Park lost and the Alexandra Parade green median strip was decimated. This green strip ran the whole length of the Collingwood North boundary and had been for many decades a play area for the local children, including me.”


The Age: East West Link leaves a legacy of ‘ghost streets’ and trail of broken dreams Aisha Dow and Tammy Mills (15 April 2015)

Parkville residents have breathed a sigh of relief after Premier Daniel Andrews announced a deal had been reached to not build the East West Link.

The freeway may be dead for now, but the damage has already been done. In neighbourhoods with homes acquired for the East West Link there are rows of empty houses, dubbed ghost streets.

“The West Parkville community have been decimated by this,” said Manningham Street resident James Milne. “It was a community where everyone knew each other. That’s all going.”

About 70 people whose homes and business were acquired for the toll road are now fighting for compensation from the Linking Melbourne Authority, including for emotional distress.

In October last year 102 properties were compulsorily acquired and another 46 were purchased on a voluntarily basis. Continue Reading…

Andrews Government settles the East West Link contracts

15 April 2015: Andrews Government settles the East West Link contracts – Victorian news coverage from Ten, Seven, Nine &
ABC News. Plus some bonus subtitles, if you’re quick.

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