Submission on the establishment of a National Integrity Commission


In April 2016, WestCONnex Action Group joined forces with Victoria’s Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport and WA’s Rethink the Link to make a submission to the Senate Committee on the establishment of a National Integrity Commission. We supported it on the basis that a federal anti-corruption body would be well-placed to investigate issues related to WestCONnex, the East West Link and Perth Freight Link. This was our joint cover letter. Continue Reading…

Community Consultation on IBAC, Victorian Ombudsman & Auditor-General

Image: Community tunnel picket and friends at the Regent Theatre, 28 August 2014
Community tunnel picket and friends at the Regent Theatre, 28 August 2014

Community tunnel picket and friends at the Regent Theatre, 28 August 2014

Are you appalled by our democractic processes being steadily undermined by vested interests? Do you remain crapped off by the disgusting East West Link “side letter” and those contracts hastily drafted before the November 2014 state election? Do you remember that Abbott all but approved East West Link back in 2012 before he even stepped foot inside the PM’s office?

Why not utilise this consultation as a platform to get your opinions known – and if you want – we’ll publish your submission on the YCAT site. Continue Reading…

Homeless Persons’ Union occupy vacant houses in Bendigo Street


On Wednesday 30th March 2016, the Homeless Persons’ Union Victoria commenced occupying vacant homes in Bendigo Street, Collingwood.

Kierans Review: East-West Link Homes Still Empty

Housing that was compulsorily acquired as part of the failed East-West Link project is STILL empty six months after it was handed overto a homelessness charity.

Continue Reading…

Chandler Hwy Bridge: A Six Lane Road to Nowhere


WARI_logoMessage from West Alphington Residents Inc.: Chandler Hwy Bridge: A Six Lane Road to Nowhere

Plans by the Andrews Labour government to expand the Chandler Highway bridge have hit a roadblock.

The Andrews government greatly underestimated community backlash to plans to build a whopping bridge alongside homes that line Chandler Highway. Residents, councils and commuters alike vehemently oppose the building of a six lane bridge as the answer to Melbourne’s No:1 traffic hotspot.

The bridge design is over the top and costly. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to create a major North-South traffic/truck route through Alphington instead of pursuing the missing ring-road link. In fact it’s A SIX LANE ROAD TO NOWHERE.

WARI thanks all those who joined us recently for our community meeting at the Alphington Bowls Club. WARI was tremendously heartened by the support of communities beyond ‘West’ Alphington. WARI has been re-energised and is ready for the next stage of the battle. Continue Reading…

Daniel Andrews: Support sustainable freight & cut traffic



Melbourne’s inner west suburbs are getting a raw deal with the Western Distributor to be dumped on them, along with extra traffic, air pollution concerns and loss of open space. Doesn’t that sound horribly familiar to what the previous LNP government attempted to do to our inner northern suburbs?

Please show your support for alternative solutions and sign Public Transport Not Traffics Freight On Rail petition Continue Reading…

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