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Grinding to a halt: rethink needed on Australian urban transport


ACOLA – Grinding to a halt: rethink needed on Australian urban transport (7 October 2015)

Cars and trucks are choking Australian cities costing billions of dollars in traffic congestion, harming human health and adding to greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report from the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA).

The report, Delivering Sustainable Urban Mobility, warns that Australia is heading down the wrong path and a new approach to urban transport is needed that prioritises people rather than one particular mode of transport.

The report finds that the cost of urban congestion in our capital cities will increase four-fold in two decades, reaching $53.3 billion by 2031, unless there is a change of direction. Continue Reading…

Why is the Lung Cancer rate increasing?

Lung cancer rates are increasing in people who have never smoked, according to two new studies presented here at the 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer.

Lung cancer is broken into Small Cell (decreasing and almost exclusively a smokers disease) Non Small Cell  NSCLC (This has several subtypes which are categorised by their histologies).  Adenocarcinoma is the one which is rising and affecting increasing proportion of non-smokers.  When you look at Adenocarcinoma alone the stats are much higher than all NSCLCs combined.  Figures below combine both.

Australia now has the highest incidence of cancer in the world, surpassing Amercia. This includes all cancers.  [WHO]. Highest mortality from cancer in Australia is lung cancer. [Cancer Statistics Australia].

In fact, at one institution, the incidence of never-smokers diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) jumped from 13% to 28% during a 6-year period, Eric Lim, MD, from the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in London, United Kingdom, and colleagues report in their study. And many of these patients initially presented with advanced-stage disease.

The second study demonstrated that the incidence of lung cancer in never-smokers is increasing in the United States. This was observed in three facilities, most significantly for NSCLC. At one institution, for example, the rate of never-smokers climbed from 8.9% in 1990–1995 to 19.5% in 2011–2013.

“When we think of lung cancer, we think of smoking,” Dr Lim noted. But antismoking strategies implemented in the early 1980s have led to a decrease in smoking-related lung cancer.

Instead, “what we are seeing is an increase in the incidence of nonsmoking-related lung cancer,” he explained during a press briefing. “We have seen more than double the amount of patients coming to us.” Continue Reading…

Melbourne Metro Rail: Property Acquisitions

MelbMetroRailAfter the painful debacle of property acquisitions during the rushed East West Link fiasco, Daniel Andrews​ must ensure all Melbourne residents are correctly informed with any Metro Rail process that involves their homes, properties, project boundaries and also ensure to acquire property at selling price, not the market price.

Any potential situation where people could be forced out of their suburbs and not able to buy back in nearby must be totally avoided.

The Melbourne Metro tunnel is very different from the East-West Link. On the plus side, the apertures are smaller and locals won’t be bathed in carcinogenic diesel pollution. The trains are not elevated onto flyovers and parks are not impacted.

While YCAT supports the metro project, on the down side, noise will be a major impact as will construction. Deficiencies in the way the previous government handled forced acquisitions should be addressed. Even after the east-west link has been abandoned, property values near the tunnel portals remain depressed.

YCAT is also concerned for residents facing the prospect of a new truck flyover on a reserve in Hyde Street, see Petitioning Scott Charlton, CEO of Transurban, Lindsay Maxsted, Chair and non-executive Director of Transurban, Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier: The amended Transurban West Gate Distributor proposal puts profits in front of people

The amended West Gate Distributor proposal is not a solution to the problem of trucks on the roads in the Inner West of Melbourne.

This is a profit-driven plan that shifts the issue rather than solves it – at the expense of hundreds of residents who live within very close vicinity of the proposed tunnel entrance, at the expense of residents who live above the proposed tunnel pathway and at the expense of the entire communities of Yarraville, Spotswood and surrounding areas who will lose significant green space if this proposal goes ahead. We live in increasingly dense areas that are already impacted by truck noise, emissions and limited green space. The amended proposal does nothing to solve these issues for the people of the Inner West.


Media Release: Premier of Victoria The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP: Consultation On Potential Impacts Of Melbourne Metro Begins (22 September 2015)

Engagement with local residents who may be affected by the construction of Melbourne’s new underground rail network will begin this week.

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority has sent letters to 21,000 residents and businesses along the alignment of the new nine-kilometre, twin rail tunnels being built as part of the $9-$11 billion project.

The letter invites locals to come to information sessions and find out more about where the tunnel will go, how it may be built, and the planning process that will be undertaken. Continue Reading…

Murphy v State of Victoria & Linking Melbourne Authority East West Link – From ‘Done Deal’ to Dead End*

Murphy v State of Victoria & Linking Melbourne Authority East West Link – From ‘Done Deal’ to Dead End*
*Headline from the Northsider Online News 21 May 2015

Presentation by Meghan Fitzgerald, Fitzroy Legal Service

This presentation about the Tony Murphy vs. State of Victoria & Linking Melbourne Authority East West Link Supreme Court Case was developed to identify some of the longer term impacts of the case from a legal perspective, and for the purposes of outlining why this particular litigation had some impact, which is, as you well know primarily because of the will and actions of the community.

Murphy v State of Victoria & Linking Melbourne Authority East West Link – From ‘Done Deal’ to Dead End* by Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport (YCAT)

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