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Government in Seige Mode


The Napthine Government has gone into siege mode to withstand the barrage of public criticism and legal attacks on the East West Link. Having risked its political future on this one project, the Government has been forced to resort to legally desperate tactics and shortcuts to try to reach its goal of a binding contract by the end of October.

The Government was forced to use its trump card of the Cabinet FOI exemption in two cases in its desperation to keep the East West Link Business Case and related consultant report from public exposure. The Business case was seen in public for the first time, wheeled into the Court room on a trolley – perhaps the same one that had wheeled it through the Cabinet room to gain exemption.

The Government is desperately scared this document will ever be released -suggesting that its contents are damning. From what has come out so far, it is clear that many of the consultants thought the methodology used had been highly creative to achieve a positive return on the project – rather than the 80 cents in the dollar by traditional methods. Continue Reading…

Neither of the Major Parties intend to build Metro

Two articles published independently yesterday show just how corrrupt transport policy has become.

Alan Davies, at the Urbanist, argues in Is Labor Genuine About Building Melbourne Metro that neither party has any intention of starting the Metro project in the next term. The Liberal’s realignment to suit the propoerty developers in Montague means that the 50 million planning over the last four years has to be restarted. Labor is using the level crossings as an excuse to delay the project. In any case, it would require a change or heart in the Abbot Governemnt (or a change of governmnet) to get federal funding for a rail project. Even if that was forthcoming, both parties are now committing to signing the East-West’ Link $18 billion cheque for $1million per metre, bankrupting the city for a generation.

Also published yesterday was an article in The Conversation by Associate Professor Philip Laird of the University of Wollongong called Australia’s transport is falling behind on energy efficiency. Laired is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and a Companion of the Institution of Engineers. Continue Reading…

The Art of Protest – East West Link

In an exhibition titled ‘A Brush With the Law’ artists contributed their work to raise funds for the ongoing campaign against the proposed East/West Link. Preston, Melbourne. Friday August 15, 2014.

Ugly smell of corruption moves from Spring Street to Collins Street


YCAT Editorial - Victoria needs an urgent ban on political donations by developers.

A Liberal Party “Infrastructure dinner” on Thursday 28th August 2014 is selling tables to major construction firms and developers for $10,000 each.

This is no different to the NSW MP who sold a picture for $10,000 more than it was worth. Another NSW MP “forgot” about $10,000 he received in a paper bag and the former Premier who “forgot” a $3,000 bottle of Grange Hermitage wine.

In NSW, politicians who receive $10,000 from developers are investigated by their ICAC and forced to resign.

In Victoria they become “Friends of Denis Napthine” and are given favoured access.

Victoria needs to legislate a ban on political donations from developers.

It needs to increase our IBACs powers, to match the NSW ICAC, so it can be effective.

Any developer or infrastructure company attending this dinner should be banned for four years from winning a Government contract or having a rezoning application approved.  Tough measures are required to ensure corruption does not take root. Continue Reading…

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