Melbourne Metro Rail Project Business Case Released

“London. Paris. New York. Singapore. Arden.”

Released today – Melbourne Metro Rail business case details, doesn’t a $1.10 return rule all over the pathetic $0.45 return for East West Link?

Daniel Andrews: Time For Turnbull To Back Melbourne Metro (23 February 2016)

The updated Melbourne Metro business case has been released today with Premier Daniel Andrews writing to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull seeking federal funding for the nation’s biggest public transport project. The business case has also been submitted to Infrastructure Australia, which has previously provided a positive assessment of the project and categorised it as a high priority.

Analysis: Metro Rail Project: Is Victoria worth $4.5 billion to Malcolm Turnbull? Josh Gordon (23 February 2016)

If our public transport-loving Prime Minister were solely motivated by base political considerations, he might ponder the following question as he prepares for the looming election: is Victoria worth $4.5 billion?

AFR: Andrews demands $4.5 billion from Turnbull for Melbourne rail project (23 February 2016)

The Victorian Andrews’ government is banking on a $4.5 billion handout from the federal government to fund its Melbourne Metro Rail Project. Mr Andrews said Victorians paid taxes to the federal government and that should be returned in infrastructure. “Victorian tax dollars should be paying for Victorian projects,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

ABC Victoria: Melbourne Metro Rail Project: Victoria pleads for $4.5b in federal funding. Jean Edwards

The Victorian Government is pleading for $4.5 billion in Federal Government funding for the Melbourne Metro Rail, to match its contribution to the country’s biggest public transport project.

The Age: Daniel Andrews claims Metro Rail stacks up. Josh Gordon (23 February 2016)

Labor’s flagship Metro Rail project will deliver $1.10 worth of benefits of every $1 invested, the Andrews government has claimed. Ahead of a push to secure federal funding for the $11 billion project, Premier Andrews told State Parliament “this project stacks up” using even the most conservative assumptions. “This rigorous analysis shows a cost-benefit ratio on even the most conservative of methods of $1.10 back for every $1 invested,” Mr Andrews told Parliament.

This video shows the indicative route of Melbourne Metro. Twin nine kilometre tunnels will link the Sunbury line in the west with the Cranbourne / Pakenham line in the south-east. The project will deliver five new stations: at Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain.