East West Link: faster travel promised for an yet unbuilt project

Ten News: East West Link: Quicker Travel Times, Wednesday 6 Aug 2014 Duration – 01:43

Melbourne motorists are being sold quicker travel times and fewer traffic jams under the controversial East West link.

Includes reference to TraffixGroup report on apparent travel time savings for the yet unbuilt East West Link, plus Tony Morton from Public Transport Users Association on the criticism of Victoria’s public transport operators in the Victorian Auditor-Generals (VAGO) Co-ordinating Public Transport report, released 6 August 2014

Edited interview on ABC 774 Melbourne – Rafael Epstein & Terry Mulder, Minister for Transport & Roads, 6 August 2014

Discussing todays East West Link announcement about travel times related to the TraffixGroup report, includes talkback and edited section from 5.30pm news update with Public Transport Users Association response.

3WBC 94.1FM interview: Planning Ministers EWL decision


Interview with Andrew Kelly from #Tunnelpicket discussing Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy seemingly arbitary decision to ignore the Assessment Committees East West Link recommendations, the nebulous matter of approving an ever-changing reference design with no known longform business case or cost-benefit analysis, local impacts, Supreme Court challenge and the looming Victorian State Election in November 2014 , on What a Wonderful World program, 3WBC 94.1FM Community Radio, Monday 14 July 2014.

Matthew Guy & Daniel Andrews interviewed on East West Link approval process

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1 July 2014: Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy interviewed on 774 ABC Melbourne with Jon Faine about his decision to approve the East West Link (Stage 1). Talkback includes Tom, Kensington resident not satisfied with the acquisition process and his properties close proximity to the project, Chris, Clifton Hill discusses the CIS process, traffic data, Collingwood heritage homes, pollution concerns, Hoddle Street flyover and temporary road impact, Jackie, Kensington resident, still put through roundabout of dealing with “authorities” over property issues, seeks clarification over planning approval, how can residents engage with LMA?

SMS message topics: Parkville West issues in limbo, Take it to a vote, LMA is a government authority, eg: handballing the issue, East West Link not for benefit of Victoria. Back to talkback: Andrew, Collingwood, expresses disappointment with government process, tight timeframe, repetition of mistakes, property issues, circular arguments and cherrypicking of the panels recommendations.

30 June 2014: Sally Cockburn on 3AW with Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy on East West Link approval process.

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