The secret report Napthine won’t let you see

The Age: The secret report Napthine won’t let you see. November 24, 2014. Peter Martin

Much work went into the preparation of a state-based reform agenda, so why has it never been released?

A report into a state-based reform agenda has not been released to the public.

Within months of becoming treasurer, Kim Wells commissioned a report. He asked the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission to deliver “a state-based reform agenda” – a user manual for boosting Victoria’s economic growth.

It had been abysmal for two years. High population growth was masking “dwindling growth in productivity and in per capita GDP – the main determinants of growth in living standards”. And the Australian dollar was set to remain high, “threatening the competitiveness of Victorian exports”.

Wells knew the problems. He wanted Victoria’s strengths benchmarked against those of other states and he wanted a list of options that would “yield the greatest potential benefit in light of Victoria’s relative competitive strengths and weaknesses”.

He wanted it within in nine months. Continue Reading…

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