Victorian State Budget 2015: Hoddle Street fix remains years away as other road upgrades get green light

Hoddle Street's promised $60 million congestion fix, pledged by Daniel Andrews in opposition, will have to wait a few more years yet, after his government set aside less than $2 million for a study.

Andrews tries another road

The Eastern Freeway runs into a virtual dead end where it meets Hoddle St. The first stage of the East West Link would have connected it to CityLink ...

James Campbell: East West Link payout a political landmine

Herald Sun: James Campbell: East West Link payout a political landmine. 20 January 2015

The proposed confluence of Aldexandra Pde, Eastern Freeway, Hoddle St and the East West Link tunnel at Clifton Hill.

IN the final days of last year’s election campaign, Daniel Andrews told us if we voted for him and East West Link was scrapped we could relax — there was no way we were paying the consortium money.

“Be very clear about this, there will be no compensation paid,” he said.

Now the word around town is that taxpayers are going to be paying the consortium compensation after all.

Which, when you think about it, should surprise no one. By now the Government will have been told by just about every lawyer in Melbourne that its argument that the East West contracts are not valid stands very little chance of succeeding in a court of law. Continue Reading…

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