West Gate Tunnel EES released for public comment

Thirty days, yes, thirty short days to respond to 10,000 pages of the West Gate Tunnel Environmental Effects Statement!

From Colleen Hartland, MP​: thetollroadwontwork.org.au

The West Gate Tunnel Environmental Effects Statement was released on 29 May 2017, and the government is giving the community until 10 July to respond. There are literally thousands of pages of documents, and we are working hard to summarise these for you!

It’s really important that the community has their say on this toll road which will have a dramatic impact on our neighbourhood. You don’t need to be an expert and it doesn’t have to be long. We’ll be putting the summarised documents up on the site soon.

West Gate Tunnel Project information, submissions & EES
West Gate Tunnel Environmental Effects Statement
West Gate Tunnel Project Inquiry and Advisory Committee

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