Plan Melbourne issues – or how stories develop in the media

Now here’s how that Herald Sun article appeared online in a later version, with the same url. We added the bold italics so you’re sure about which bits have been amended, despite this newer version being somewhat shorter.

2. Herald Sun: Former planning adviser hits out at Napthine Government over East West Link and long-term strategy

A former key planning adviser to the Napthine Government has made an extraordinary attack on the East West Link project and Melbourne’s urban development strategy.

Professor Roz Hansen, who recently chaired the advisory committee on Plan Melbourne, said that the road tunnel would permanently scar the inner suburban landscape with Los Angeles-style flyovers and road canyons.

“This inner urban freeway project will undermine, erode and destroy part of our Royal Park … it is fraught with problems as well as showing a shortsighted and politically expedient approach,” she told a city council meeting this week.

Prof Hansen also said that five of the six members of her advisory committee had resigned in August in protest against the direction of the Plan Melbourne strategy after changes were made to the draft document.

But Planning Minister Matthew Guy, who appointed Prof Hansen to the plum post, said her claim that committee members had resigned was comical.

“Their role finished when they delivered the Plan Melbourne draft and that was months before then,” he said.

Mr Guy hinted that Prof Hansen’s outburst against the Government that hired her may have been linked to a demand for more expenses.

“I understand that members of the former advisory committee have spoken to my department about wanting more money and this wasn’t forthcoming,” he said.

Mr Guy said that Prof Hansen had produced some terrific work for Plan Melbourne but not all the committee’s recommendations were accepted.

“She suggested that every nature strip be turned into a community vegie patch so some of their ideas were crazy,” he said.

“She’s always been opposed to East West, she’s an inner-city planner and I would suggest she shouldn’t be so out of touch – the world isn’t all about Carlton and Fitzroy.

Mr Guy said that East West would be very important for the outer suburbs, but Ms Hansen had rejected offers to visit those areas.

During her address to the city council, Prof Hansen said she probably wouldn’t be getting any more state government jobs.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, a Liberal Party member and former state opposition leader, said her presentation was passionate and intelligent.

“You can come and work for us, Roz,” he said.

The final Plan Melbourne document was launched by Premier Denis Napthine and Mr Guy in October.


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  1. chrisg says:

    Thanks for posting. It is great to see the close connections between the road lobby, the liberal Government and the Murdoch press exposed like this.

    Its a very personal attack to discredit the professor after her brave comments.
    Did these amendments come from the Minister’s office?
    Did the journalist have any say in the amendments?

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