The Greens: No Road Tunnel Public Meeting, Fitzroy Town Hall

On Saturday, 16 August I represented YCAT at the Greens meeting in the Reading Room of the Fitzroy Town Hall.

Greg Barber gave a considered presentation on the Greens Response to the Eddington Report and this was followed by a questions and discussion.

The Greens have invited YCAT to display our flyers and other promotional material at these meetings and to take the opportunity to discuss the issues with participants after the presentations.

I think this is a great opportunity to spread the word  and potentially an important campaign strategy.

Freda Watkin
19 August’08

Climate Emergency Rally – Join the No Tunnels Contingent

Climate Emergency Rally – This Saturday 5 July 2008, 1pm

Climate Emergency Rally and “Human Sign”. We will have a “no road tunnels contingent and will meet at the Burke and Wills statue in the City Square at the north-west corner of Collins and Swanton Street.

RPPG and Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc., (of which RPPG is a member.) formally supports the rally.

A 140-metre long human sign will be formed to spell the words CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Wear red if possible!

Venue: Starting in City Square Melbourne. Organisers advise people to bring something to sit on as we will be waiting around for a space of time.


Contact: Julianne Bell 981894114


Eastern Transport Coalition Summit Friday 4 July

When 8:30 to 11:30 am
Where: Manningham City Council 699 Doncaster Road Doncaster

Campaign launched to stop the tunnel!

Last night local residents from Yarra launched a campaign to stop the proposed tunnel linking the Eastern Freeway to Melbourne’s west.

Over 80 people filled the Reading Room of the Fitzroy Town Hall to hear speakers and discuss the best way to stop the Victorian Labor Government’s plans.

Representatives from several community groups and progressive political parties attended the meeting along with many concerned residents.

The plan for the meeting was to not only to provide people with some information about the government’s plans but to also launch a campaign. Continue Reading…