Rally: Stop the Brumby Government riding roughshod over our rights

With the rail system in crisis (again), now is the time to remind the government that they must be accountable.

Despite polls showing people would prefer more money be spent on public transport than roads, the government is planning massive expansion of the motorway system under the most recent transport plan. Meanwhile our rail system is falling apart, and most of Melbourne has no usable public transport. The government is clearly not listening.

Tuesday 3rd February is the first sitting day of parliament for the year. A coalition of community groups, led by the Victorian Water Forum, is holding a rally to call on the Brumby government to listen to the people and provide real solutions on water, climate change and public transport. PTUA is supporting this call, and will be attending.

WHAT: Stop the Brumby Government riding roughshod over our rights.
WHEN: Tuesday 3rd February Arriving at 11.30 am. Speakers begin at Midday.
WHERE: Parliament House, Bourke + Spring Sts, Melbourne.
WHY: Bring back democracy.

Come along to the front steps of Parliament in your lunch hour and stand up for better public transport and real action on climate change.

Daniel Bowen
Public Transport Users Association

Victorian Transport Summit Report

Report from the Victorian Transport Summit on Friday 5th September, 2008

Kevin Chamberlin, representative for Protectors of Public Lands Victoria at the Transport summit

The speakers at the Summit were:

  • Premier of Victoria – John Brumby
  • Minister for Public Transport – Lynne Kosky
  • Minister for Roads and Ports – Tim Pallas
  • Minister for Environment and Climate Change – Gavin Jennings
  • Minister for Major Projects – Theo Theophanous
  • Minister for Regional and Rural Development – Jacinta Allan
  • Minister for Planning – Justin Madden
  • Sir Rod Eddington – Chair “East West Link”

Each of the above made a presentation on the transport needs of Victoria from their respective portfolio obligations. The Summit was also attended by groups from the environment/community, union/trucking lobby, consultants with expertise in this area, RACV/road lobby, State Government administration and elected officials from Local Government. The City of Melbourne was not in attendance.

It became very clear following the presentations by the above that transport issues are very high on the Government agenda and the situation is serious. The State Government clearly sees the creation of major projects to overcome these problems as employment/economic stimulators for the state as much as they see them as solutions to the transport problems. It was emphasized that the cost of Channel Deepening and the M3 had played an important part in the economic figures for Victoria. Theo Theophanous referred to “pipelines of work” and “keepings the skills and equipment in Victoria”. John Brumby referred to “pipelines of projects” twice and stated “we will definitely get these”.

There was a “breakout discussion session” where the participants were divided into 5 groups. The themes were-

  • Creating a more livable, fairer and sustainable Victoria
  • Meeting the challenge of Public Transport and patronage growth
  • Meeting the challenge of road congestion and the increasing freight task
  • Meeting infrastructure delivery challenges
  • Connecting Regional Victoria Continue Reading…