Hoddle Highway Plan

The East West link flyovers at Hoddle Street are designed to support a north-south freeway

This is a major threat the North Fitzroy.


Proposed Ramp connecting Hoddle Street Northbound to Eastern Freeway (Linking Melbourne video, 2013)

Such massive on an off ramps can only be justified by an order of magnitude increase in traffic volumes on Hoddle Street, a street which is already at full capacity most times of the day with 90,000 vehicles daily.

The East-West Link Assessment Committtee found that the flyover could not be justified by the traffic it is required to carry, and recommended it be deleted. But the Minister ignored this advice.

In the 1970’s there was a plan to convert Hoddle Street into a freeway from St Kilda Junction to Brunswick Road and the Hume Freeway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoddle_Highway)

With the release of the design of the Hoddle Off-ramp July 17 2013), it appears the Hoddle Freeway is still in the bottom drawer at Vic Roads.

The massive elevated off ramp, towering over Clifton Hill, will serve the purpose of freeing up lanes on Hoddle Street for a North South Freeway

This will realise the road lobby’s dream to connect Hoddle Street to the Hume Freeway.