Another Successful Protest: Royal Park Aboriginal Corroboree Ground Drilling Site

Protest Royal Park Drilling Site

A successful snap protest was held on Friday, 16 November 2012, at the drill site on the grassland hill top – once an Aboriginal corroboree ground – in Royal Park to the north of the Royal Children’s Hospital.  The protest was attended by a large crowd that walked into the Park, with the Trains Not Tollroads banner, then, and gathered around the drilling rig on the grassland hilltop.

This protest was part of an on-going Trains Not Tollroads Campaign over the Baillieu Government’s proposed East West Road Link that will also cut through Royal Park, including a historic Aboriginal corroboree site.

The exact route is not know but the 59 drilling sites along Alexandra Parade and in Royal Park is a good indicator of the probable route.

To quote the Protectors of Public Lands (PPL), who organized the protest in association with the  Royal Park Protection Group, Ycat, resident, transport action and community groups:

“We regard drilling on a aboriginal corroboree ground as sacrilege and the construction of the tollway/roadway  through parkland as State-sanctioned vandalism…

freda, ycat