Birds face an uncertain future

Birds face an uncertain future at inner-city oasis earmarked for tunnel, From The Age Nov 3 2013

While drivers will benefit from the east-west link, Royal Park’s wetland wildlife could pay the toll.

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5 thoughts on “Birds face an uncertain future”

  1. barry goodes says:

    Does anyone know what the east west link authority intends to do about birds that have been displaced from the wetlands.

  2. chrisg says:

    There is a biodiversity act that requires that developers create an equal amount of biodiversity to what they destroy. I have not seen Linking Melbourne mention this in their impact assessment though. EWL = Good for trucks, bad for birds. Birds are not their concern. They just want to keep the trucks happy.

  3. jameswest says:

    Is the biodiversity act legally binding?

  4. barry goodes says:

    At the very least the authorities should replace the biodiversity that is removed to accommodate existing fauna populations

  5. barry goodes says:

    Unfortunately, the entire Ross Straw field and wetlands area has been earnarked as a construction equipment storage area? Bye bye Ross Straw field. Bye bye wetlands!

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